What is LIMU ORIGINAL®? It’s our seaweed in a bottle, you might say, a superfood comprised of 83% pure Tongan limu moui.



It’s the only product with a proprietary limu extract.. It’s an all-natural blend of the potent power of limu moui and several botanicals and vitamins that maintain every vital nutrient just as nature intended. It’s a gift to your immune system. It’s no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. It’s a daily supplement offering your body’s core systems a refreshing, satisfying and convenient approach to complete nutrition.

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The New Eco-Friendly LIMU ORIGINAL® Bottle.

Welcome to an all-new and improved LIMU ORIGINAL look!

Originally unveiled at the LIMU INCITE International Convention, virtually everything about the BPA-Free P.E.T. plastic LIMU ORIGINAL bottle is better than it was before. Now it will be unbreakable, easier to transport, slimmer, easier to hold and even easier to recycle.



Same great seaweed-infused superfood, only smaller. The SHOT is a 2-oz. nutrient-packed dose of the dietary supplement you’ve come to know and love.


What’s more, in this extra convenient, disposable tear-open packaging, it’s easier than it’s ever been to share LIMU ORIGINAL with the curious

It’s small enough to easily fit in your carry-on bag, purse or lunchbox, so you never have to go without this great-tasting, rejuvenating beverage. It is our company’s privilege, opportunity and mission to share the rich benefits of Fucoidan, and the LIMU ORIGINAL SHOT pouch delivery system gives consumers a chance to enjoy the power of LIMU wherever they are, every day.




LIMU Original is an all natural blend of Tongan limu moui seaweed, botanicals and vitamins to provide all the nutrients the human body needs to be active and healthy. It is among the best superfoods on the market to help make you strong, energetic and more focused. The LIMU experience is a healthy lifestyle like no other where you can even get free products and rewards for getting others to try it.

LIMU Original was the first in several LIMU products to meant to provide the best quality of nutrition. There is no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, flavors or even colors. This is health food the way nature intended it. Completely natural with no chemicals or additives of any kind. At the heart of the formula is Fucoidan, a special protein found in brown seaweed with many benefits to the human body. Coastal communities and islands where brown seaweed is abundant have low rates of diseases, including areas of southern Japan that have the world’s lowest mortality rate for all forms of cancer. The particular kind of brown seaweed we use is the limu moui, which has the highest concentration of Fucoidan and is found near the island of Tonga. Tongan people even revere the limu moui for its many medical properties. Now you too can reap the benefits of Fucoidan thanks to LIMU superfoods.

The daily supplement can be drank from a bottle or a shot pouch to give you all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. In fact, over 70 have been mixed in to it. LIMU Original is shrewdly calculated to help you feel, live, and even look better. It’s not just another diet shake or protein mix. It is the meant to be the ultimate dietary supplement to provide your body with everything it needs to keep you going in perfect condition with none of the questionable additives other such supplements add for the sake of mass market appeal. With LIMU you are getting the very best in superfoods.

LIMU even rewards its customers just for experiencing the lifestyle. If you share or promote LIMU to other people, you can enter to earn rewards such as free LIMU products, get paid for spreading the word & raising awareness, or even get a chance to win vacations or new cars. LIMU doesn’t just want you to try out their superfoods, they want you to help the company grow and succeed. They’re ready to reward those who help them. So not only is LIMU the one the best supplement to get your body in perfect condition, it’s also a way to get great prizes and rewards.

So for the best dietary supplement you’ll ever try, look no further than the LIMU brand. Mixing the incredibly healthy Fucoidan extract with many of the best vitamins out there, this is a superfood like no other that will have you working and playing with energy to spare without any fats or sweet stuff to negate any positive effects. Please go to the LIMU website for complete details on how LIMU original and its brethren can not only benefit your body, but also reward you for sharing your experiences with others and getting them to experience it.

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