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Fucoidan. Say it slowly. Say it loudly. Say it three times, fast.



It might sound a little tricky, but, the long and short of it is this: for 3,000 years, our friends in the South Pacific islands have embraced the health benefits of this unique marine bioactive found in a seaweed called limu moui.

Tonga is the richest source of Fucoidan you’ll find on this planet. Limu has long been a dietary and medicinal staple—widely celebrated as a source of longevity and good health. Along with the potent and efficient Fucoidan, limu moui also contains more than 70 essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, glyconutrients and polyphenols.

Recent scientific exploration and popularity elevates Fucoidan as a continually highlighted and emerging supernutrient. And, with our limu extract in all of LIMU’s products, you’re able to live the EXPERIENCE with any of them, no matter what your health and nutritional goals are.


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Cited in more than 900 independent, unsolicited third-party scientific studies, the benefits of Fucoidan have been touted in medical journals around the world since 1970. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. You can see the research yourself at pubmed.gov—the US National Library of Medicine website. Studied for its wholesome complete nutritional factor, Fucoidan focuses on antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and other remarkable benefits unlike those of any other botanical. LIMU represents the origin of a complete offering of leading products with a pure and concentrated proprietary Fucoidan extract formulated by scientists and researchers. Ranging from anti-aging to weight management, LIMU is the marketplace authority on Fucoidan’s vast array of nutritional qualities. You simply won’t find anything like it anywhere else.


Respects the earth’s greatest natural resource—the ocean. Always collaborating with manufacturers who work to minimize human impact, LIMU is committed to preservation and sustainability. The company has several contract manufacturers who are required to exceed industry standards for Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs) and maintain the highest quality controls. Facility capabilities and superior production are in place for LIMU’s international expansion.
LIMU is always protecting and preserving its products and formulas. With our proprietary ten-step Gold Standard manufacturing process, we ensure each product receives the exacting premium quality you expect.







Limu Moui-The Miraculous South Pacific Seaweed

Limu Moui is a fantastic brown seaweed found off the coast of the island Tonga close to Fiji in the South Pacific. Many people on the island live to be over 100-years-old enjoying good health and amazing immune systems. These people have enjoyed the same diet and same lifestyle for hundreds of years with little variation. One key ingredient in the native brown seawee is called limu moui. Its main ingredient is a substance called focoidan. This has become known as a super food and the benefits seem to good to be true although there is proof to its amazing abilities. Focoidan, contained in the brown seaweed, is a sea vegetable like no other. It has a perfectly balanced amount of nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids plus a healthy supply of minerals and vitamins. Various polyphenols are also found in the focoidan. Polyphenols help to prevent such things as malignancies, degenerative diseases and deterioration of the skin.

The brown seaweed, Limu Moui, contains a variety of other benefits to promote good health. It contains iodine that aids in metabolism and thyroid function. It also has been proven to contain an anti-clotting and anti-cancer compound. Focoidan also possesses a detoxing ability. It has been said to resemble human breast milk because of its wide scope of helpful agents.

The brown seaweed supplement possesses anti-inflammatory properties as well. Arthritis patients may have renewed hope. It also helps to prevent peritonitis by blocking the white blood cells from the site. The possibilities seem endless for this South Pacific seaweed.

This seemingly miraculous seaweed also can initiate tissue replacement by boosting the production of a protein called integrin. It also has the ability to repair and firm skin. The healing of wound is expedited as it helps tin the contraction of the collagengel. In many cases the time for the skin to heal is shortened when this supplement is taken.

There are many applications and uses for this wonderful, fantastic island sea vegetable. Some of its uses may include the treatment for abrasions, allergies and arthritis. It may also prove useful in the treatment of boils, tumors and wounds. It has also proven beneficial in the treatment of cancer and diabetes and has shown good results as well as in the treatment of those who have had a stroke and who have liver disorders.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that can mimic many others and one that can give much pain and discomfort. This vegetable of the sea may be just what those who suffer have been waiting for. Its anti-inflammatory properties may be the clue to easing the discomfort of many with this mysterious disease.

Even if you are healthy and have no evidence of anything wrong, Limu Moui can still work for you. It can boost your immune system and keep it running in optimum condition. If your health is not all it should be, perhaps it can help give your system the boost it needs to function at 100%. Remember the people on Tonga island are living healthy lives and living to advanced ages. To learn more about LimuSuperfoods.com or other Limu products

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