Healthy energy. An impossible experience? Not hardly. LIMU even takes it a step further with BLU FROG® Energy.




BLU FROG Energy is a proprietary blend of Fucoidan-rich limu moui extract and a host of naturally power-packed fruits, vitamins, herbs and minerals. It tastes fantastic and BLU FROG keeps you sharp, hyped and focused without any letdowns.

So enjoy feeling better already. Pull that all-nighter. Power through another tough afternoon in a sea of cubicles. No matter the adventure, the simple and strong BLU FROG formula pushes your performance, endurance and concentration to the next level.






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Limu Blufrog is one of the top rated energy drinks to hit the market in recent years due to the unique addition of Fucoidan to the recipe. This makes the drink one that is not matched, nor surpassed, by any other energy drink on the market. This is rooted in the fact that Fucoidan is found inherently in brown seaweed such as limu moui. This makes the inclusion of Fucoidan in Blufrog gives this energy drink a whole host of additional and beneficial health qualities that is lacking from the majority of energy drinks that are designed to simply provide a boost of energy.

The Limu Blufrog energy drink is one that does pack a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, fruit extracts, fruit juices and herbs so that those who drink Blufrog do get that added energy boost they are craving. The mixture is also one, due to the unique blend of fruit flavors, that is pleasing to drink and really makes those who opt for this brand feel as if they are merely enjoying a great tasting drink that has the added benefit of energy.

It is the addition of Fucoidan to Blufrog that truly does set this drink far apart from the rest. Fucoidan has been studied and proven to be highly beneficial in the treatment of various ailments and medical conditions. The high consumption rate of brown seaweed, high in Fucoidan, has been linked to the longer lifespan of those in areas that have access to such brown seaweed such as coastal areas that include Japan and Tonga. In fact, these areas have long used Fucoidan, for centuries, and have benefited greatly from, the beneficial and medicinal qualities the derivative of brown seaweed brings to the various systems and organs in the body.

The use of Fucoidan allows for the Blufrog energy drink to provide one with additional benefits such as better concentration, higher levels of endurance and an all over better feeling of body, mind and soul. This is related to the fact that Fucoidan is one of the most traditional ingredients that has been in use for centuries with countless benefits being realized. Many have equated the better and longer lifespan of those who eat brown seaweed often as being one of the primary reasons why those same people tend to succumb less often to issues such as cancer and premature death. This is why Limu Blufrog is one of the most unique energy drinks on the market.

The good taste couples with the additional qualities brought about through the use of Fucoidan in the recipe make Limu Blufrog the top choice in energy drinks for those who really want to feed their bodies with only the best ingredients that are proven to be effective in promoting better health. This helps the brand as all others seem to pale in comparison as just the addition of Fucoidan to the mix makes this drink one that has that one extra added advantage that is not found elsewhere. Everyone is well aware of the benefits that come from eating brown seaweed; however, this drink allows one to get those beneficial elements without having to track down, prepare and eat large quantities of the seaweed. The end result is a great tasting and good for you energy drink. If you still not sure about the limu products then check out more Limu information here.

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