It’s time for a change of pace. It’s time for The LIMU EXPERIENCE.

LIMU offers a flexible home-based business opportunity that meets your dreams and expectations—whether you’re looking to supplement your current income, replace your full-time income or simply enjoy the abundant nutritional benefits of its products. What makes The LIMU EXPERIENCE so unique?

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Here’s a start:


  • 53% of sales volume paid to LIMU business owners every month.
  • Free marketing websites to help share your story.
  • No sign-up fee.
  • The shot at earning a new BMW.
  • The ability to own your very own piece of the company.
  • No long-term commitment.
  • Rapid growth potential.
  • Dedicated executives and experienced corporate support.


It’s time for the future. It’s time for LIMU.



Limu: The Oppurtunity

Have you heard about Limu? This groundbreaking discovery is shaking up the world and turning it upside down. Not only do you have the opportunity to use this amazing nutrient, but you can also share it with others! Why wouldn’t you want the opportunity to help others while achieving better health for yourself and supporting your family?!What is it?
Limu is a type of seaweed found by the Tongans of the South Pacific. They have used this seaweed for 3,000 years for its amazing abilities to improve well-being by fighting disease and promoting good health. They consider it to be a super food and their longevity, energy, and vitality speaks for itself. Fucoidan, a carbohydrate found in this special seaweed plant, is beneficial to many separate body systems. Some of the scientifically proven studies on Fucoidan show its ability to detoxify the body against heavy metals, assist in achieving and maintaining normal blood pressure, aids in preventing the common colds, heal wounds, helps fight cancer and so much more! There are over 70 beneficial nutrients in Limu Original!Why haven’t I heard of it?
The creator of this groundbreaking food supplement took several years perfecting the extraction process necessary to create this product before releasing it into the market. The supplement was just released in the last seven years and more and more people are beginning to hear about its amazing healing and health properties, thus the reason it is becoming more and more mainstream. Also, the company holds the rights to use this fantastic plant in their supplements so it cannot be duplicated by any other companies.Is it safe?
Absolutely! It is made from seaweed and all other ingredients in the drink are organic. It will provide your body with vitamins and nutrients it needs to perform to its highest ability. The Tongans have been using this brown seaweed for many years and have some of the best health in the world.

Why should I become a Promoter?
Now that you are informed on what Limu is I know you are probably wondering what the benefits of being a promoter are.
1. The company has proven stability as it has been in business seven years.
2. With fantastic leadership, you will have a solid company to begin your business with.
3. You will have nothing but the upmost support and help from other representatives in your upline.
4. You will be entitled to attend weekly conference calls and corporate events to help motivate you so that you succeed to your fullest potential. You will also have access to free advertising web sites and net tools that will help your business grow.
5. Once your clients discover the amazing health benefits of this product, they will return for more!
6. This company has the highest payout in the industry and you will have unlimited earning potential.
7. The opportunity to help others by showing them this fantastic product!
8. Help support your family with all this amazing company has to offer.

Join me today at LIMU! You will be taking the first step to increasing your health and well-being while having the opportunity to help others feel better as well!