What Is Limu Juice?

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Limu juice is an extract of seaweed. It is used as a food supplement and is also an effective alternative cancer treatment. It has been observed to safely kill cancer cells especially when consumed in the recommended doses of about half a pint per day. The dose is most effective if it is divided into small amounts and taken throughout the day. The word Limu means algae in Hawaiian. It was used for a long time to season some traditional foods that were not particularly tasty on their own. The Limu that is now useful for nutritional and medicinal purposes is extracted from specific strains of brown seaweed.

It had always been observed that coastal communities particularly those in the oriental countries such as Japan, tended to have the highest life expectancy in the world. Part of this longevity can be attributed to a steady consumption of a diet containing brown seaweed. After years of research, it was discovered that the active ingredient in Limu is a compound known as Fucoidan which is basically a sulfated polysaccharide. Useful amounts of Fucoidan are found in particular brown seaweed known as Limu Moui which is plentiful around the islands of Tonga. Limu can also be extracted from many other types of seaweed but in less quantities.
Many people often wonder,” what is Limu Juice used for?” Those who have researched on alternative cancer treatment will most likely have heard of Limu, or maybe Fucoidan which is the active ingredient in Limu juice. Limu juice is a rejuvenating remedy which is useful in revamping good cells in the body while destroying cancerous ones. It is one of the few interventions that can be attempted in a stage IV cancer patient. Being a nutritional supplement, Limu juice can be used alongside chemotherapy or any other treatment without any severe reactions or side effects.

What is Limu Juice, is it a nutritional supplement or a drug? The truth is that it is a bit of both. It is a drug in that it can be used to treat cancer with good results. It is also a supplement in that it is often consumed in a relatively raw form. As a form food, Limu juice contains many more nutrients in addition to Fucoidan and has been seen to have overall health benefits to people who have it regularly in their diets. The helplessness with which stage IV cancer patients find themselves in makes Limu juice an alternative worth considering.

What is Limu juice significance in the fight against cancer? Limu juice is extremely important because it has been proven to kill cancer cells. In addition, it does not interfere with any other treatment that one may be undergoing. This new awareness has also brought attention to shortages in the juice. This can largely be attributed to pollution and human encroachment on the wetlands where the brown seaweeds propagate. The weeds require an environment where brackish water enters the sea. These waters are drying up due to climate change and also changing in their composition due to the introduction of affluent waste.

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