Should You Drink LIMU?

    The National Library of Medicine’s On-Line Database At: In May, 2005, Natural Health Magazine proclaimed Original Limu as the #1 liquid nutritional supplement. Even though The Limu Company was ONLY a one-year-old company at the time, Natural Health Magazine gave Original Limu the #1 ranking, saying THEY COULD NOT DENY […] Read more »

What Is Limu Juice?

THE AMAZING LIMU JUICE Huge Health Benefits For Everyone Limu juice is an extract of seaweed. It is used as a food supplement and is also an effective alternative cancer treatment. It has been observed to safely kill cancer cells especially when consumed in the recommended doses of about half […] Read more »

Limu Reviews for the Skeptic


A few of your friends on your Facebook (or Twitter or Pinterest) posted Limu reviews listing one (or many) of the benefits and as much as you’d like to support your friends, you feel like you should do a little more research. So you go to Google and type it […] Read more »

Limu Promoters Wanted In Nashville, TN

Limu: Nashville, TN Job Opportunity Have you ever heard of Limu? With a groundbreaking discovery made recently, you can now have an opportunity to sell an amazing nutrient in a bottle. If you could find such a thing, would you not want to share it with others? Well, you have […] Read more »

How Can Limu Help You?

Limu has the potential to change your life in ways beyond your imagination. Begin by sampling a supplement that should be taken daily to give your body essential nutrients. It contains Tongan limu moui, extract from seaweed. Blended with vitamins and botanicals, it provides the body with vital nutrition and […] Read more »