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When searching for a possible MLM business, you have to set your criteria and make sure that the company you choose meets your requirements. If consumers patronize the products or services being offered by the company, if the corporate organization is being managed by an experienced and recognized team of successful professionals, and if the compensation package is proven to generate both immediate and lasting income, then you have made a perfect decision. And there’s one firm that surely meets these standards – The Limu Company.

Empowering venturesome masterminds and unconventional thinkers, The Limu Company is an MLM business opportunity that has been established on a stable and outstanding foundation. This company boasts itself in upholding a superb reputation and a dynamic executive group with over a decade of shared expertise in the marketing trade. This sensational company has a dynamic product selection that caught the interest of mainstream plus countless endorsements and positive feedbacks from the medical profession.

The Limu Company is established in 2004 by a business guru and one of the most well-respected and successful entrepreneurs in this industry, Gary Raser. Chief Executive Officer Gary Raser leads a powerful and ambitious group of young professionals. The stable seven-year-old company headquarter is situated in Lake Mary, Florida, USA. Aside from being an established and influential MLM business, it has also enriched stability and proficient record growth. Thus, the said company is now operating and growing in more than 24 countries including Canada, Australia, and Japan.

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