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Used and celebrated for centuries and has over 900 independent studies, your
body gets what it needs with Fucoidan.


With a smooth refreshing
flavor, this original liquid limu moui offers the benefits you need.


This complete weight management system is limu-based and gives powerful
simple steps to help you look and feel fantastic!


Using a blend of natural ingredients this energy drink was created to pick you up and improve performance.



The Limu Company is the number one producer of any Limu Moui products in the world. With so many benefits of these products, people all over the United States are experiencing miracle like recoveries within their bodies. There have been testimony after testimony of individuals drinking the products and within just a few short days feeling the effects. Many people say that they sleep much better when taking this seaweed extracted juice. They extract Fucoidan from the seaweed and blend with other natural extracts. Others say their aches and pains in the joins have subsided, people are walking around better, have sustained energy levels throughout the day too. Like many people that started taking this amazing superfood extract, I too was shocked at the huge upside to what it could do for my family and myself. Like many, just after three days of drinking just the Original products, I was off coffee and other energy drinks. is one of the most successful promoters of the products in the Southeast US. We found that since the drinks were amazing, we should look at the business opportunity they had to offer. With in just a few short weeks we had hit the goal of $2K VIP and on our way to helping many others just like us hit their first goal of $2K VIP. Whether you are looking for a great all natural product full of nutrition and vitamins or want to take advantage of the great business opportunity, then this experience is for you.

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